Fresh West Coast Halibut + Recipe

Fresh West Coast Halibut + Recipe

Wild West Coast Halibut is in! They’re averaging 10-20lbs right now and boast a firm flesh with a mild buttery flavor. This makes them ideal for: Grilling, Roasting, Pan Searing, Broiling, Steaming, Poaching, and Smoking.

Follow our simple recipe for delicious pan-seared Halibut topped with our house-made roasted garlic, thyme & lemon compound butter!


  1. Pre-heat oven to 350  degrees.
  2. Season Halibut with only salt
  3. Heat pan till hot with 1-2 TBSP extra virgin olive oil until the oil shimmers
  4. Place halibut skin side down in the pan and let sear for 3-4 minutes. Do not flip and put the pan in a 350 degree oven and roast for 6 to 7 minutes
  5. Remove fish from pan and add some sliced shallots, asparagus tips, thinly sliced lemons, capers and cherry tomatoes
  6. Sauté for 4 minutes and season with fresh chopped parsley
  7. Place fish on top of the sauté vegetables and add a hearty scoop of our house-made roasted garlic & lemon compound butter and enjoy!

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