Polyface Farm Delivery

Polyface Farm Delivery

Polyface Farm is a family owned farm located in Virginia's beautiful Shenandoah Valley.  It is widely recognized as one of America's most sustainable farms.  It has been featured in the book "The Omnivores Dilemma", and the movie "Food Inc" just to name a few.  The animals are grass-based and rotated according to an intricate method mimicking natural grazing patterns.  While we only visit a couple times annually, we are lucky enough to benefit from a weekly deliveries by Susan Blasko (see in photo below along with Wendell [left] and Wyatt [right]).  


In addition to whole pigs that we butcher at the shop, we also have many other Polyface products including their ever popular chicken and duck eggs. The chicken eggs sell themselves, try them yourself and you will see why. The yolks are bright orange and they taste completely different than anything you will find at the grocery store, not to mention they have a far healthier nutritional profile. We have begun turning customers on to their duck eggs. These will blow your mind! They are incredibly rich and fluffy with a taste that's addictive. 


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