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Butcher's Burger Blends

Butcher's Burger Blends
It’s full on burger season so we’re featuring burger blends and toppings that have become favorites over the years. Our burger blends are made from responsibly raised, pastured livestock, and believe us, you can taste the difference. Check out our tour of burger bliss below and don’t forget the brioche buns we bring in fresh daily from Junction Bakery in Alexandria, VA.  100% Grass-Fed Ground Beef- Sourced from locally raised beef right here in Virginia, our grass-fed ground chuck is roughly an 90/10 ratio of lean-to-fat, making them an excellent choice for over-the-fire grilling. Why? Because the low-fat content of this blend won’t cause the nasty flare ups often associated with grilling burgers. What you’ll get in terms of flavor profile with this blend can only be described as “beefy”. Top this burger with some of our local cheeses and grilled sweet onions and be the hero of the neighborhood block party. OB Custom Burger Grind AKA “The Deluxe Blend”- The components of our most popular burger blend change daily depending on what we’re cutting on the butcher block but is always an 85/15 lean-to-fat ratio. You’ll usually find our highest quality cuts in the blend, from hanger to ribeye. You can always ask the butchers what the grind of the day is! We love these burgers topped with our house-made sweet Tomato Bacon Jam, local Casselman sharp cheddar, and our Endless Summer Arugula for a peppery bite to balance it all out! In addition to making delicious burgers, this grind also makes excellent chili for hot dogs that should accompany every cookout. Bison- Looking for something leaner? Bison might just be your new favorite. Referred to as “the other red meat” our Bison is the leanest blend at a 90/10 ratio of lean-to-fat. As a result of a lower fat content, this blend lends itself well to the reverse sear method we have used on our 5th rib tomahawk steak recipe; as too much direct heat on this will cause it to dry out. In terms of flavor you’ll notice Bison tastes clean; lighter than beef and almost (but not quite) as sweet. Based on this profile, this blend is excellent when topped with our locally sourced Kimchi. A bite of kimchi paired with the light and slightly sweet flavor of bison is a perfect match. Wagyu- What can we say about Wagyu that hasn’t already been said? Wagyu beef is at the top of the beef hierarchy, with a flavor profile that is both rich and savory. All of our burgers are tender, but wagyu is on another level all together. This grind is ideal for both grill and griddle. For toppings, we like to double down on the richness of this meat, throwing balance out the window and topping it with a duck egg that are delivered from local Polyface Farms. Short Rib- Our juiciest blend is this 100% short rib grind, with a lean-to-fat ratio of about 80/20. A higher fat content may lead to some flare-ups over an open flame, so we recommend that this burger be cooked using a griddle or a cast iron pan. Using a griddle or cast iron over extremely high heat will produce a nice crunchy crust as this patty crisps up in its own rendered fat. Patty these burgers a little thinner and you''ll bring back memories of burgers you’ve had in '50's style diners. Top these patties with your cheese of choice and don’t be afraid to go double or even triple decker. If none of these burgers are what you’re looking for we can quickly grind a custom blend for you while you wait! Check out our Burgers and Grinds section in the shop for even more options. 

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