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Dry-Aged Fifth Rib Tomahawk + Reverse Sear Recipe

Dry-Aged Fifth Rib Tomahawk + Reverse Sear Recipe
Dry-Aged 5th Rib Tomahawk A tomahawk is a bone in ribeye that has gained popularity because the beef is mouthwatering and the giant bone offers an extraordinary presentation. Enter one of our newer offerings, what we call the 5th Rib Tomahawk.  We get these beauties our friends at Seven Hills Foods and they are locally sourced from farmers right here in Virginia. This steak is technically not a ribeye by USDA standards; those can only come from ribs six through twelve. The "5th rib ribeye” is actually the end cut off the chuck portion of a steer referred to as the chuck eye, with the massive 5th rib bone left intact for extra flavor and visual appeal. Because of how close the chuck eye is to the ribeye, it’s similar in in both taste and tenderness. The chuck eye boasts that really beefy flavor and is infinitely more tender than a standard chuck steak. To top it off, Seven Hills takes extra time to dry-age each of these 5th rib tomahawks for added tenderness and flavor. So why not just get a ribeye? Well, a chuck eye steak offers our customers more than just an intense beef flavor, it offers some serious value as well; what you might give up in taste and tenderness (it isn’t much), you gain in cost savings because of our aggressive pricing on this quality steak. We’re offering 5th rib tomahawks at  $15.99 per pound. Keep in mind that these cuts are not as readily available as traditional ribeye because only two available per steer.  If you don’t see any in the case just ask one of our butchers because we may have some in the back! Follow our cooking instructions below and you’ll be blown away by this amazing uncommon cut of meat. Stop by soon and ask about it, we can’t wait to hear your feedback! How to reverse sear a Tomahawk steak in an oven and cast-iron skillet Want to make the perfect medium rare steak but don’t have a grill? Easy…just follow this recipe to impress! Ingredients: Organic Butcher 5thBone Ribeye Organic Butcher Steak Rub Organic Butcher Black Garlic and Rosemary Compound Butter **All ingredients available for purchase at the Organic Butcher store, just let us know when you come by, or for an even more convenient way, call ahead and ask for a "5th rib tomahawk recipe bag” Instructions: Preheat your oven to 225-235 degrees. Remove a sliver of fat from the room temperature steak for use later. Season Tomahawk liberally with Steak Rub. Place your steak on cooling rack situated on a baking sheet. Roast for approximately 45 minutes, or until it reaches an internal temp of 125°. Remove steak from oven and let it rest. In hot cast iron pan, place the sliver of fat and allow it to render down. Place steak directly onto blistering hot cast iron, flipping every 45 seconds for about 5 minutes or until desired level of dark crust is achieved. Rest steak for 15 minutes. Top with Organic Butcher Black Garlic and Rosemary Compound Butter, slice and serve. Enjoy!   How to reverse sear a Tomahawk steak on a gas grill Want to make an amazing steak on your gas grill? Our Lynx gas grills are second to none and this simple recipe will have your family, friends, and neighbors begging for more. Ingredients: Tomahawk Ribeye Organic Butcher Steak RubOrganic Butcher Black Garlic and Rosemary Compound Butter* All ingredients and Lynx grill available in the shop! Instructions:  Season room temperature 5th rib tomahawk liberally with Steak Rub. Light your grill. Only light one burner of your Lynx grill, on one side of the grill or the other but not in the middle. Allow the internal grill temp to reach 225° and place your steak as far from the direct heat as possible, close lid. Cook steak for approximately 45 minutes, or until it reaches internal temp of 125° for a medium rare steak. Remove and let it rest. (If you like your steak a little more done take it to an internal temperature slightly higher or to desired level of doneness.) Turn your grill burner up to MAX and let the grill grate get hot for about 5 minutes. Place steak directly over hot burner to sear. Flip frequently, about every 15 seconds for roughly 5 minutes or until desired level of dark crust is achieved. Let steak rest for 15 minutes. Top with Organic Butcher compound butter. Slice and serve for the perfect presentation.  

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