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Our Favorite Stocking Stuffers & Gift Ideas
In addition to our meats and produce, The Organic Butcher of McLean has amazing gifts and stocking stuffers for your favorite foodies. Our staff has put together a list of their top picks for the holiday season. 1. Noble Tonic 01 Petite: Tuthilltown Bourbon Barrel Matured Maple SyrupYour favorite syrup, just mini! 2. SpicesWe carry a multitude of spices and seasoning. The possibilities are endless. 3. Falling Bark Farms Premium Raw HoneyPure, raw, and local. 4. Paleo Scavenger GranolaNo grains, no dairy, no soy, no artificial flavors, no refined sugars. 5. Bulletproof Snack BarsThe perfect after-workout protein bar. Made with pasture-raised Upgraded Collagen Protein. 6. Graham's Six Grapes Porto, Half BottleA very full-bodied, luscious wine with a seductive, rich aroma of ripe plums, cherries and dark chocolate notes. 7. ThermoWorks Thermapen and Pocket ThermometerHighly-rated and highly-accurate. 8. The Virginia Table BookEarly Mountain Vineyards and Our Local Commons has just released this new book celebrating the Commonwealth of Virginia and its emergence as a world-renowned food and wine region. 9. Beyond Bacon by Stacy Toth and Matthew McCarryBeyond Bacon pays homage to the humble hog by teaching you how to make more than a hundred recipes featuring cuts from the entire animal. 10. The Organic Butcher Reusable Shopping BagReduce waste every time you shop with our stylish shopping bags. 11. The Organic Butcher of McLean Camo CapThis subtle, new style is perfect for the outdoorsman on your holiday list. 12. The Organic Butcher of McLean Gift CardsLet your loved ones pick out their own gifts with a gift card in any denomination.  Happy Holidays!

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We are currently getting some awesome Bison NY Strips and Rib-Eyes from one of our local farmers in Charlottesville, VA.  We love Bison because it's higher in protein than beef and incredibly flavorful but still very lean. Bison is also lower in calories, fat, and cholesterol than chicken or fish!     We recommend keeping the seasonings simple because the Bison is so flavorful on its own, so you'll want to add just enough to bring out the flavors but not overpower them.  For the Bison Rib-Eye I knew that the Omnivore Salt, the new addition to our shop, would be a perfect way to season the steaks. The recipe for Omnivore Salt was created decades ago in Sicily and passed down through generations. It's a perfect mixture of spices with salt that help enhance the natural flavor in food. This salt blend works on everything - meat, vegetables and fish; just a pinch unlocks the deepest flavors of your food.  A little goes a long way with this salt, so just use a pinch!   Grilling Instructions: Pre-heat grill to medium-high or bring your BGE to 400 degrees. Rub Bison Rib-Eyes with a quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil, a small amount of the Omivore Salt, and a little bit of Ground Black Pepper for good measure. Place seasoned steaks on the hot grill and let the first side cook for 4-6 minutes depending on the thickness of the steak. Flip and cook second side for 3-5 minutes depending on the thickness of the steak. Let rest for 5 minutes.  Cut against the grain and enjoy!   We recommend pairing a Bison steak with a boldy tannic Cabarnet Sauvignon. You need something that won't get lost on the palette with this indulgent dish, and the Elyse 2008 Cabarnet Sauvignon is perfect for that. It's complex with velvety tannins and bold notes of ripe black fruits and spices. This is an amazing bottle of wine and I would recommend it with almost anything, but it really pairs especially well with this dish.   We are getting in a bunch of Organic Corn right now for the summer! So, I paired the dinner with a side of sweet corn which tasted great along side the nicely salted Bison steaks. Don't forget to cut your steak against the grain, it helps hold in all the juices and flavors. Last tip - Enjoy!

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