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All About the Picanha Cut + Cooking Tips

All About the Picanha Cut + Cooking Tips
If you have ever been to a Brazilian steakhouse you know they start out by offering you all of the cheaper cuts of meat, the chicken, the sausage, etc.  You hold out for the filet, but what you should you be holding out for is the Picanha.  You don’t need to hold out any longer, you can find this amazing cut here at the Organic Butcher  Picanha is one of the lesser known pieces of beef in the United States. In Brazil and other parts of South America, it is quite prized - and for good reason.  It’s delicious.  The picanha is a sirloin cap (also called rump cover, rump cap or coulotte).  The meat itself is lean with very little inter-muscular fat but it is cut leaving the hardy fat cap on, which allows it to baste in its own delicious fats while cooking.  There are tons of ways to cook this delicious cut and we highly recommended the rotisserie as pictured here. It can also be done on the grill or seasoned and tied as a roast. Just tell the butcher how you’re cooking it and we will prep the Picanha accordingly! Pro-tip - Unlike other cuts of meat, the end cap is often the tastiest.    This hidden gem Picanha is made even better when seasoned with our Organic Butcher Steak Rub. It also pairs remarkably well with our house chimichuri and a bottle of hearty Malbec like our Proemio Reserve.  A Brazilian steakhouse in your house.  We look forward to seeing you soon!   

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