Dry-Aged - USDA PRIME - Virginia-Raised Eighth of Beef

Virginia-raised Black Angus.  Pasture-raised, grain-finished.  Dry-aged a minimum of 14 days.

“USDA Prime” is USDA Certified PRIME Grade.

***You are buying beef based on the hanging weight of the carcass, split evenly 8 ways. You can expect to receive approximately ~60% of the carcass weight back as meat.***

One Eighth derived from a 380 pound half will weigh 95 pounds and produce at least 60 pounds of meat!

Case #1: Chuck & Round Kit (medium 20 lb. box with all cuts from the chuck and round).
Case #2: Rib & Loin Kit (medium 20 lb. box with all cuts from the rib and loin).
Case #3: Patty Box (10 lbs. of 4 oz patties).
Case #4: Grind Box (10 lbs. of 1lb. packs of grind).
*An average chest freezer will typically hold an average Quarter.*

Cut fresh and frozen on 7/19/22.

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