Caromont Farm's Chevre

Caromont Farm is located 23 miles South of Charlottesville, Virginia, in the heart of Virginia’s Monticello Wine Region.

Chef and cheesemaker Gail Hobbs Page has produced award winning goat’s milk and cow’s milk cheeses since 2007. After many years of cooking professionally with renowned chefs such as Edna Lewis and Ben and Karen Barker, Gail set her sights on farming and cheesemaking. She studied artisan cheesemaking at UVM in Burlington Vermont, and has worked with award winning cheesemakers from The Cellars at Jasper Hill, Grey Barn Creamery, and Uplands Creamery. Her food and farming philosophy is time honored --- delicious and nutritious food comes from animals that eat and live well. Gail’s goats are raised on the sustainable principles of grass-based holistic management and she sources cow’s milk from a farm that shares this philosophy. This practice creates vibrant full flavored cheeses of place.

8 oz.

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