Dry-Aged 5th Rib Tomahawk

A tomahawk, if you didn’t already know is a bone in ribeye that has gained popularity because the beef is mouthwatering, and the giant bone offers an extraordinary presentation. Enter one of our newer offerings, what we call the 5thbone ribeye.  We get these beauties our friends at Seven Hills Foods and they are locally sourced from farmers right here in Virginia. This steak is technically not a ribeye by USDA standards; those can only come from ribs six through twelve. The “5thbone ribeye” is actually the end cut off the chuck portion of a steer referred to as the chuck eye, with the massive 5thrib bone left intact for extra flavor and visual appeal. Given how close the chuck eye is to the ribeye, it’s similar in in both taste and tenderness.  It boasts that really beefy flavor and is infinitely more tender than a standard chuck steak. To top it off, Seven Hills takes the extra time to dry-age each of these 5thrib tomahawks for added tenderness and flavor. 1.5-2 lbs. each.

Click here for our reverse sear recipe for the 5th Rib Tomahawk!

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