100 Bowls of Soup Stock Quart

The creator and founder of 100 Bowls of Soup, Katharine Mardirosian, began cooking her first batches of soup in a local church kitchen, selling the soup at several artisanal food stores and at the Reston Farmers Market. She was fortunate to find commercial kitchen space and a local partner in Maple Avenue Market in Vienna. With continued growth came the need for more kitchen space and a decision to create their very own kitchen space and storefront in Herndon, Virginia. Go by for a visit!

Their stocks are made from pasture raised, grass-fed animals and organic vegetables. They make our stocks the traditional way, simmering meat bones, root vegetables, cider vinegar and herbs over a low heat for many hours to extract both flavor and nutrition from the ingredients. Their vegetable and mushroom stocks are made from organic vegetables. All of our stocks contain no added salt. Their meat and vegetable stocks make a flavorful and nourishing base for soups, sauces, gravies, stews or rice dishes. They can also be sipped like hot tea for soothing and restorative benefits

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