Local 100% Grass-Fed Wagyu Cow Share BOX #4

We are very excited to offer Virginia100% Grass-fed Wagyu Cow Share Boxes. From farm to table, each box comes with the items individually packaged and labeled. All for $10.99 / lb. .

Box #4

Blade Steak  1.06

London Broil  1.88

Top Sirloin Butt Center 1

Bottom Round Steak 3.72

Marrow Bones 0.74 

Bottom Sirloin Butt Flap 0.68

Sirloin Tip Steak 2.24

Stew Meat 3.04

Chuck Roast 4

Standing Rib Roast 5.82

Ground Beef 1 lb packs 4.12

Total Weight

# 28.3


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